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6 Home Sparrow/Bird Repellents That Will End Nesting & Potential Spread Of Disease

6 Home Sparrow/Bird Repellents That Will End Nesting

Home sparrows refer to small birds that may look innocent but can actually lead to huge damage. These exotic bird types are often nimble on crops and cause topical damages. They feed on flower blossoms, seeds, fruit, buds, leaves, and vegies, even in internal storage settings. In addition to the damage of food and foliage, they also leave droppings that infiltrate edible plant production. This of course leads to great losses in production and profits. Hence, farm owners and producers are looking for ways to repel these birds and stop them from causing damage.

In addition to the human damage they trigger, home sparrows also attack other local birds, often pecking them to major injuries or death. Their aggressiveness is so high that they even target nest packs with small openings, leading to the killing of local and protected bird species.

Home sparrows, along with other home bird species, can be major disease transmitters. They are infested with worms, germs, and parasites that may potentially infiltrate foliage as they poop or mess with it. Their droppings are also carriers of germs and transmissible viruses that may even be fatal.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will always catch something and get sick when coming into contact with a sparrow. It means that the odds of catching something are considerable as these birds are carriers of several pathogens e.g. germs and parasites.

If you wish to finally put an end to the damage and fuss that these birds are doing, it’s the right moment to use these repellants to your benefit:

1. Chephon Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs Set

Birds like this will have trouble approaching when a shiny object is hanging in the spot--it blinds and disorients them. A great shiny solution that deters birds is the Chephon Upgraded Bird Repellent Discs Set that not only scare off these birds but also add some shine and glam to the spot you are using them. It is a pack of spiralised, 15” reflective material that is a top sparrow repellent. The reflection spots appearing on the scare rods will disorient the sparrows and other foreign birds and they will have trouble perching or nesting in your space. These spiral rods will also work their best when they are used beneath direct sunlight or out in the wind. The kit features 6 hanging hooks for simple assembly. You may hang these on trees, garden, porch or even your boat outside to prevent birds from moving around the deck.

If you have the habit of opening your windows daily, you’ve most likely encountered sparrows perching inside the house already. This is why you better use these reflective spiral rods on your windows and you’ll realize that they no longer sneak inside. The beauty of this sparrow repellent is that it’s a very low-risk purchase. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the results you get out of it, you may ship it back to the seller and they will issue you a total refund. Being a non-toxic solution to repel sparrows, this is a great product to buy as it also works as a home decor item.

chephon bird scare tape repellents

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2. Bird-X STS-10-R Regular Width 6-inch Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

If your chimney is a target escape spot for sparrows during the warm season, using these Stainless Steel Bird Spikes by Aspectek will help. They are fabricated from a UV-proof polycarbonate plastic layer and highly durable stainless steel, even when exposed to heavy weather elements. This top sparrow repellent pack features 10 pieces of spikes with pre-drilled loops for fuss-free set-up, along with an adhesive tube.

A single spike unit covers an area of 1ft. lengthwise and 5” widthwise. In addition to setting this flat on your chimney edge, roof, or fence, you may also adjust the spikes for application on trees and poles. These can be bent to 360-degree angles without damaging or popping out the spikes. That makes spikes the perfect solution to keep birds from nesting in your roof.

The spikes are also not indicated for hitting the sparrows and killing them. They are only there to annoy them and get rid of the free space where they can nest or move around. The spikes are efficient in nearly every spot you place them, especially in areas where sparrow faeces are there.

The Bird X spikes are a solid choice, especially if you plan to put them close to your T.V antenna. They don’t mess up or mitigate the signal transmission. If you intend to apply these on the tip of a brick wall, you should use construction-grade glue instead of the silicon-based glue that is included in the kit. The first yields better and stronger results.

Bird x bird spikes

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3. De-Bird scare tape/bird deterrent

Shiny objects that also produce sounds are the top sparrow repellent solutions available. The “De-bird Scare Tape Bird Deterrent” is something that you can use without damaging fauna or foliage. It’s a shiny tape you can apply on the small spots where sparrows enter and build their nests or move around. You may also tie the product and let the other part freely wing in the air. This set-up mode will result in a metallic sound that will irritate the birds.

Compared to the typical scare tapes, the De-Bird solution is designed to last longer, even when exposed to heavy climate conditions. Rolled out, this stretches to 125 ft. of holographic tape, enough to last you 6 months for a low price tag. Scare tapes can be the top method to stop sparrows from hindering your A.C systems, ruining your chimney and roof or leaving droppings behind that contain several pathogens.

If you have a fruit or vegetation deck to shield, this scare tape product will also work with your netting to repel any bird from nibbling on your crops. It’s ecological and one of the top sparrow deterrent solutions. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals that may damage your vegetation or harm the sparrows themselves. You may apply this as a single independent sparrow repellent but you’ll have to validate it if it still does the job or not after some time. Some birds can outsmart it.

De bird scare tape

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4. Bird-X Scare-Eye Bird Repellent Predator Eyes Balloons

Spikes and tapes do a pretty good job at repelling sparrows, but if you wish to go to the next level and ensure that no home sparrows sneak into your home, we have something great for you. The De-Bird Balloon Bird Deterrent is designed with huge scary eyes combined with eye-popping colours that will surely keep sparrows out of sight. It also works on other types of birds that leave nasty and smelly faeces on your region or ruin your property.

De-bird has turned their balloons yellow since they realized that such a bright shade works better at confusing and repelling intruding birds. There are 3 of these scary balloons on each kit so you may place them on different spots. To boost the efficiency of these deterring balloons, move to other spots around your house to make it appear more scary and realistic to birds.

You may even hang this on your parking spot to prevent birds from pooping and ruining your car’s exterior. It’s a versatile balloon scaring product that works in many ways. It even comes with tail-like strips that simply swing in the wind, further enhancing the sparrow-repelling power of the product.

Every balloon looks overwhelming and scary when placed outside and the large circular eyes would catch the eye of anyone or any bird that moves through your property. This is made of a solid fabric that is wind-resistant. It’s also not slippery and has a longer lifespan compared to other competitor products.

Bird X scare balloons

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5. Homescape solutions owl bird scaring device

It’s vital to note that every product works differently in different settings. If these gleaming, spiralized rods don’t do the trick of keeping invasive birds away, the “Homescape Solutions Owl Bird Scare Device” will. It displays a holographic shiny exterior that shines when exposed to sunlight. This own scaring product also comes with a rattle attachment on its food that emits an annoying sound in the wind.

It mimics the exact form of an owl with scary black eyes to amplify its scaring power. You may hand it outside and allow the sun and the air to swing it around and make it shine. Alternatively, you can place it on your glass wall to potentially strike and kill the birds, if they seem to hit this often.

The owl scare product by Homescape works in nearly every pesky bird. It also comes with a pair of spiral rods like the one mentioned earlier. You may even use it as a deco object or another repellent for sparrows. The seller truly honours their product claims and will not hesitate to give you a refund, if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the product.

If the number of intruding sparrows in your property is too high, it’s best to purchase and use more than two owl scare products in separate areas. You can hand the owl scare on your garden, trees, windows or wall for best results. Remember to switch their location regularly to make them appear more scary and realistic. Another natural product is using essential oils to keep birds from nesting.

scare owls

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6. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller from Bocianelli

If all the adobe imagery and physical deterrents don’t seem to work, you may consider buying an ultrasonic vibration machine to keep invasive birds away. This particular machine utilizes high-frequency vibrations that only birds and animals can hear. The 6-in-1 Pest Animal Deterrent by Bocianelli is one of the top products of its kind in the market. It yields a max. coverage of 5K sq. feet which is likely more than enough to cover your whole home.

The Ultrasonic gadget works non-stop to repel sparrows and other birds that may try to invade your property during nighttime. It also repels other animals such as bats, rabbits, ducks, armadillos, and more. There is no need to worry about attaching this outside and ruining it as it is resistant to all types of weather and is compatible with several power sources e.g. batteries or direct electricity. Simply switch this on and you’ll see that these pesky birds cannot get anywhere near your house property.

Bocianelli ultrasonic pest repeller

Check price on Amazon

7. Other solutions to repel home sparrows from ruining your property

If you don’t have the resources to get any of the mentioned products, you may start with some low or zero cost alternative solutions. However, keep in mind that these are only temporary fixes to the problem. If sparrows keep invading your property, you’ll have to come up with a strategy to keep them away for good.

Ruin their nesting spots

Getting rid of the nesting of home sparrows in your house or garden will deter them from returning. When the bird breeding season arrives, you may get rid of the eggs and the young birds. Following the fest damage of their nest spot, the sparrows may build it again as they are persistent. To stop them from returning and nestling again, make sure that you remove the nest multiple times within two weeks and use a sparrow deterrent product afterwards for best results. The Federal authorities don’t enforce any protection laws for home sparrows except for local state regulations. You may also shoot and kill these birds if your local state rules allow it.

When ruining and disposing of the nest, don’t dump the nest remains on an exposed bin as the birds will likely find it and use it to rebuild their nest. Make sure that your trash bin is closed and sealed well.

Trigger empty shots

There is no need to shoot and kill these birds. We are not fans of this sparrow riddance method. You may simply scare them away instead by firing a few shots in the air. The loud gun noise will startle them and they’ll fly away for sure. The most suitable gun types for this are air guns, which are also safer for humans and other birds. However, before you shoot in the air, make sure that the local authorities allow you to do so.

Doing this consecutively, with BBR or dust shots, will make home sparrows startle and panic in the sight of someone bearing a gun.

Let your cats scare birds away

We all know that cats and mouses are an ever-classic enemy pair. But, when it comes to bird deterrents, sparrows will fly away in the sight of a predator and cats are one of their biggest predators. One particular case in rural England had reportedly noted an 80% decrease in sparrow numbers after cats were given access to various parts around the farm and home property.

You may add cat paths around your property to let these furries walk and roam around the region and scare away the birds. Your cat will monitor the area and the sparrows will have no other option than to fly away to flee from their predator.

Have you found the top sparrow repellent on this report? Every single option and product we have mentioned here works and can solve the problem of home sparrow invasions. What are your thoughts on these picks? Let us know and we’ll be glad to speak with you further.

Written by James Laverne

April 16th 2021

Avatar author James Laverne

Hi, I'm James! With over 25 years of anti-pest experience, I am writing this blog to help you birdproof your home. Get in touch if you have any questions. Happy reading!


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