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9 Amazing Bird Scarers

(Based On What Birds Hate Most!)

Use this information to protect your property

Using bird scarers is a popular method of keeping wild fowls at bay. It is a safe method particularly for species protected by federal legislation. Killing or hurting them could put one at risk of heavy fines and prison times. Likewise, these non-violent products help you avoid going through the trouble of cleaning dead bodies or having to deal with the stress of manually scaring the birds away. All you have to do is install it on your property and you will soon notice fewer birds roosting, landing, or nesting on your private property.

However, just as applicable to other products used for bird scaring, bird scarers have their limitations. They may not be effective every time for all bird species. Like the popular adage says, “Different strokes for different folks.” You should bear in mind that some birds are so smart that they can easily spot some types of bird scarers methods while the same bird scarers can easily scarers other birds off. For instance, Crows are very intelligent, and they can distinguish between a real predator and a fake bird scarer if you fail to keep it constantly moving. But if you are constant in your approach, they will believe that the bird scarer is a real human and pass the warning to the broods.

Therefore, if you’re searching for the best bird scaring device to put an end to frequent bird attacks on your property. Here are some trusted options you should consider.

In this blog post we will give you an overview of the best bird scarers: shiny rods and discs, decoy predators, scarers tape, ultrasonic devices, bird scarer balloons, mechanical spiders, pinwheels, motion sensor jet-blasters and chimney cowls.


Birds are easily confused by bright lights and reflections. Therefore, if your property is besieged by bird invasion, hang some shining metal poles and discs. As soon as sunlight hits it, the light will be reflected thus frightening the birds because of the unfamiliar light. Furthermore, birds have very sensitive eyes and cannot withstand such a strong sight if you are using bird scarers.

The Homespace Creation set of spiral rods is unarguably one of the best rods in the market. It is shiny and moves when hung freely on the opposite end. Furthermore, it doesn't look like a bird scarer as it provides the property or vehicles where it is used with a touch of attractiveness. A set of these rods contain six spirals along with supplementary hooks so you can use it immediately. Each of the spirals is 15-inch long, any flying bird would certainly see this.

If for any reason you are unable to use hanging spirals, use the Vivorr repellent discs. Each set contains eight rotating discs that can be used on doors, windows, porch, tree branches, and practically anywhere. Though the Vivorr repellent discs are shorter than HOMESCAPE spirals however it is still very powerful. The Vivorr set is sold together with hooks that you can put together upon purchase.

shiny rods to scare birds away

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If your garden is invaded by the troublesome pigeons and crows, you can use this decoy as a non-aggressive method of scaring the birds off, using this type of bird scarer mirrors the appearance of a real predator which consequently will frighten the birds that will see it. Nonetheless, you need to know to make decoy strategies work if you want to achieve success using this strategy.

In case you're considering purchasing the exemplary owl scarers, you might want to take a look at the Dalen Gardeneer Natural Owl Scarers. This is a plastic sculpture of a roosted Great Horned Owl. It has wide and yellow eyes that are the same as that of a real bird. Although plastic, it's painted to symbolize authenticity. The decoy model is 16 inches tall and contains a plug under so you can fill it with sand or water for weight.

Is the owl malfunctioning? The birds invading your garden might be more terrified of snakes. In that case, the best solution is to add inflatable snakes to your owl decoy. The inflatable snakes can be set on berries or plants, it looks just like a real snake and it is sold in a set of three. You need to get your creative juice pumping to use bird scarers!

scare owls to scare birds away

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Scarers tapes are fast becoming the most popular bird scarers strategy these days. Not only do they create blinding reflections, but they also produce faint metal sounds that the birds will sense as danger. Most tape rolls of this nature are appropriate for any outdoor condition such as home gardens, farms, boats, porches, etc. The opposite end of the tape should be left fluttering in the air for an additional frightening effect. However, remember that this is not adhesive tape and you will need to tie the opposite end or connect it with another tape scarerss successfully.

The best scarers tape I’ll recommend is the De-Bird Scarers Tape. This comes in two distinct sizes, however, you might have to settle for the extra thick type for an extra frightening effect. This pocket-friendly strategy of keeping off wild birds will last for a long time and is a lot more effective strategy than predator decoys. The De-bird scarers tape is mainly strips of glittering materials that when hit by light creates a shining effect. Even farmers make use of this strategy to protect their crops from troublesome crows. There is zero mess to clean or birds to shoot once you set up this strategy.

scare tape to scare birds away

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Some property owners who don’t have the luxury of time to go through the pains of scaring prefer to make use of bird scarers with sophisticated technology. They make use of ultrasonic devices to create disturbing sounds that will make the birds fly away. Ultrasonic gadgets as many agreed, can drive critters and fowls away from the property. But the most important part is the installation since ultrasonic devices produce only short-waved sounds.

As far as commercial usage is concerned, the COKIT ultrasonic device is probably the best choice available in the market. It can keep off “intruders” such as skunks, rabbits, rodents, and irksome birds from your property. Note that the ultrasonic sound this device produces has a vertical range of 60-degrees and a horizontal range of 170-degrees. In general, it has a range of 45-feet and the birds would be struck with high-frequency the instant the motion detector detects their presence.

If you need a device that can be installed in your garden, the COKIT Ultrasonic Repeller is your best choice. It works in the same way as this device but it has the extra benefit of being solar-powered. Ensure you purchase yours from the vendor called LAIER to avoid buying counterfeit versions. Before installing this, note that your pets will also be irritated by using the same kind of bird scarers.

ultrasonic devices to scare birds away

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Is your boat hassled by droves of gulls? If yes, hang some scarers balloons aboard to prevent the birds from landing. This can equally be used on porches, windows, gardens, and swimming pools. These scarers balloons are generally yellow but they also come in black and white variations to blend in with the surroundings. The balls contain rounded, holographic eyes, imitating that of an owl when hanging freely, the breeze will move it and hence appear to be alive in the eyes of the birds.

These balloons can be as big as a basketball so they can cover a space of 6,000 sq. Ft. If you wish to get all the colors, have a look at the Bird-X Scarers Balloon Set. It contains one piece of yellow, dark, and white balloons that provide 3D effects. These balloons are made of solid Mylar that can survive severe outdoor weather including the harmful Ultraviolet rays. It won't fade or puncture easily.

The set may come with bits of shiny plastic that you can add as the tail of the balloons. The flapping effect of winds will startle the birds considerably more when you're using bird scarers in this manner.

scarer balloons to scare birds away

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Are your A.C. units pestered by pigeons? Or is your boat the favorite meeting point of gulls? If yes, you can apply the mechanical spider as a strategy to chase off the birds. This product does not actually resemble a weird spider, but it has legs that resemble that of a monster daddy long legs crawler. These tiny legs are connected to a spinning point that can be installed on any flat surface, making it an excellent option to keep birds out of your garden.

The Bird B Gone Bird Spider Repeller is a good example of this product. It has tiny metallic legs with plastic covers on each end. The springy legs together with the spinning ability of the base will certainly chase the birds off. You have the option to glue this down or use a screw to fix the base or simply tie it solidly such that it won't be brought down by strong winds. This device is available in different sizes, beginning from the little two feet up to the biggest eight feet range. Each of the mechanical spiders is wind-proven, therefore it is an additional guarantee when you use bird scarers.

mechanical spider to scare birds away

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Pinwheels are not merely attractive additions to your or foundation façade. Those made of gleaming materials such as foil are meant to chase the birds off. It is a combination of movement and strong glittering that will deter the birds from paying you another undesirable visit.

Pinwheels come with the advantage that each piece is little and you can put it anyplace you need to. You can even install one on top of your vehicle or mount another on your window without blocking the view. Some are bigger to guarantee that birds will see them even from far afar before they come near to your property.

And if you prefer to have a larger one for your garden, then go for In The Breeze Pinwheel set. It contains eight pieces of shimmering wheels about eight inches wide and connected to a foot-long rod. The rotating wheels are made of strong Mylar that won't easily get crushed or torn in strong winds. I recommend you get one that has the same color as the scarers tape.

You can fill up your garden with these pinwheels if you fancy using this type of bird scares.

pinwheels to scare birds away

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Violent birds need aggressive frightening. If the crows keep disturbing your garden or the gulls won't let your boat be, it is time you get a jet blaster to drive them off. This device is a motion-triggered sprayer that will release sprays of water the moment it senses a movement. Usually, these jet blasters are harmful and will not hurt or kill the birds. The worst that can happen is their feathers getting wet.

The best choice for this device is the Scarerscrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent. It offers a coverage of 1,200 sq. Ft and equally works in a 9-volt battery that can last as long as a half year of regular usage. Your yard will certainly be liberated from birds and critters once you mount this device. Make sure that you read the installation manual properly because the stakes need to be installed in a particular manner.

For another alternative, you can look up the Hoont Outdoor Jet Blaster. It works in a similar fashion with the Scarerscrow Repellent. However, the sensor is only active for movements within a range of 30 sq. ft. This is only good, however, if you have a little garden and you don't want the water sprayer turning on and off at any slight movement.

motion sensor blasters to scare birds away

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If the birds persist nesting on your chimney, maybe you need to place a moving object in there. A chimney cowl is a great choice as it can carry out the dual function of ventilation and a warning for birds as well. Cowls are typically made of sparkling stainless steel, and when that comes in contact with sunlight, your rooftop turns into a blinding surface to perch.

In case you're searching for a cowl, check out the Colt Cowl Rotorvent Turbolite. It can be installed directly on the vent of your chimney. It features slit designs which the birds find disorienting. However, take note that you can only install this when your chimney is not in use and not discharging smoke. Placing it on your roof has been proven an excellent choice to keep birds out of your chimney.

Using bird scarers are efficient ways of chasing off birds from your property without harming or killing them. The methods shared in this article are some of the most effective strategies you can use to do this, however, ensure you put the strategies described in this article fully to use so that they can work to their maximum capacity.

pinwheels to scare birds away

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Written by James Laverne

April 16th 2021

Avatar author James Laverne

Hi, I'm James! With over 25 years of anti-pest experience, I am writing this blog to help you birdproof your home. Get in touch if you have any questions. Happy reading!


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