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How To Bird Proof Your Property?

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Commercial Solutions and Essential Tips Here!

Did you know that it isn't uncommon for common species of birds to be pests? If you find yourself tiring yourself out driving away sparrows, pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, and other common species, then keep reading for some very helpful tips and even commercial solutions to your problem. Help protect your property from unsightly droppings, holes in the wood siding, and damaged plants without spending thousands of dollars on predator birds. While many birds are small beings, the trouble they bring is anything but.

Trouble with birds: a short overview

Feral Birds Are Known To Sometimes Carry Communicable Diseases

There have been several different cases of salmonella contamination and histoplasmosis that have been linked directly to the droppings that birds will leave behind. The fecal compound of bird dropping contains high amounts of uric acid that can cause corrosion while hosting bacteria and viruses that are known to be the root cause of respiratory illnesses. This is an even greater risk for those who have weaker or compromised immune systems.

The Damage Property By Pecking

The drumming sound of a woodpecker boring into the wooden siding isn't just a noisy nuisance; it's damaging and can hurt property value. This brings a major dilemma for homeowners. IS it within the laws to kill these birds? Can they be humanely moved? These are all questions that run through the head of the homeowners and commercial properties alike.

When breeding season strikes, birds are constantly looking for a place to nest. Their droppings, combined with the destruction left in their wake, birds can be detrimental to your property. However, you do have viable and humane options for bird proofing your property.

Brand Image Can Be Impacted

Feral birds can also have a major impact on the brand image of your business or office building. You could be losing more money than you think because of these pests. The smell and visual representation of the bird droppings alone would be enough to lead potential customers to another provider for their goods or services. Especially in the food industry, you need to act fast in these situations. Not to forget the damages and repairs that you will be met with from allowing these birds to leave droppings behind.

More Birds Mean More Mess to Clean

Spring cleaning isn't enough; now you have a mess from the birds on your property that you have to tend to. The droppings that never end aren't your only cleanliness concern; they also leave behind debris from building their nests. Though it might not seem like a lot, it can build up, and you will find yourself hurrying to tidy up your property for company more than tidying up the inside of your home. It goes without saying that a preventative to all this cleaning is more efficient than having to spot clean droppings every evening. Bird proofing your property is the suggested course of action.

Feral Birds Can Be Aggressive, They WILL Harm You

When you think of watching birds, you don't imagine that they could be aggressive and potentially cause injury to you. However, feral birds do show aggressive behavior. They can swoop, peck, and claw humans that come too close to their nests. These aggressive bird breeds have even been known to toss stones at windows and those passing by for no reason.

The breeding season is the dangerous season. Birds become way more protective over their young during this time. If you are too close to a nest, or you try to remove the one on your own, you will be faced with potential danger from an aerial assault.

The Ideal Bird Proofing Method for Your Property

Tons of Commercial Options Available!

It could feel like you could search for a long time and never come up with an "at-home" solution to your issue. However, for a very understandable price, you are able to find several commercial solutions. Moreso than just utilizing the tips that we offer to you, you are also able to identify product options that are ideal for your specific situation.

Net Barriers

If you find that birds are becoming a way to invasive in specific areas of your house/property. Then you have a simple solution, bird net barriers. Similar to what farmers do to protect their crops, a net barrier is as it implies. It is a barrier net that prevents invasive birds from nesting or damaging troubled areas around your home.

You will learn about several options for bird proofing your home, but of all of them, netting is considered to be one of the most effective and best ways to birdproof your property.

Bird Spikes

If you find birds perching, landing, and roosting in places that you would prefer that they wouldn't, then consider using metal or plastic spikes. While bird spikes do not kill or harm the birds, it does make it rough for them to land and perch. There are some excellent options that are listed for this, which you are encouraged to look into.

Scare Technique

Conventional scarecrows, aesthetic sparkly rods, and more, bird scares are a solution to bird proofing your property that millions have utilized over the decades. It takes a little creativity and some know-how, but crafting the right bird scare could save you tons of trouble and a little money. Just a visual scare through the use of silhouettes of a dog or cat and even owl models are effective against pesky feral birds. If you aren't exactly the artsy-crafty type, then look no further than this platform for a small purchase for bird proofing solutions.


Repellents and spikes work with the same basic goal, make it uncomfortable for birds to land or stay in the area. Sprays, scents, and sticky gels are especially effective and efficient in riding your property of specific species. The sprays work by emitting a lingering smell that birds will find repulsive. These repellents are designed chemically to not harm the birds but to drive them away instead.

Sound Solutions

In nature, almost every animal has a natural predator. Birds are aware of the enemies that they have. This can be an advantage to you. Sounds of hawks and owls will help deter many species of birds from trespassing on your property. Also, distress signals from different birds are another proofing method that is proven to be effective. The idea is to convince feral birds that your property is swarming with dangerous predators.

The added noise can sometimes seem counterproductive. In this event, ultrasonic devices can be an excellent alternative. Though the ultrasonic devices work on all critters, animals, and insects, it does deter them from going near the sound that they can hear.

Bird's Nest

Sometimes to solve a problem, you have to compromise. Where do you compromise with a feral bird? Build them a nest for the breeding season. You can build a safe bird nest at home or buy one that is built for you. The idea is to set the nest a good distance, but not too far, from your house. This will encourage the feral birds to use your nest and not damage your property by making one. The style and entry points must suit the species that you are trying to rid yourself of.

Other Natural Solutions

Fowls can be foul, but they don't always deserve to die. In fact, finding a way to rid yourself of these bothersome birds without harming them is the preferred way to operate as a property owner. For other human and natural solutions, look towards essential oils, nets, and others.

Humanely Succeed at Bird Proofing Your Property

You don't have to get violent or malicious with the intrusive bird species to rid them from your property. In fact, there are humane ways of solving the issue that you should always consider before you take it to a new level. In fact, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of the U.S has an entire list of species of birds that are protected. When you run out of options, which is highly unlikely, you need to make sure your state laws allow you to fatally remove specific species from your property.

Above, you received humane and safe solutions at bird proofing your property. The methods we have suggested have been safe, natural, and non-brutal. However, the best way to bird proof your property all depends on your property and the species of bird.

The Right Solution Will Rid Any Bird From Your Property

Each bird has its own specific predator or deterrent. Knowing which species is invasive on your property is key to knowing which method you should implement. Not all solutions will work on all birds, but the right solution will get rid of the birds you are having issues with.

Quick Tips for Bird Proofing Your Property

If you want to begin with some simple and quick tips, then here are some methods you can use to help bird proof your property. These general points work for most kinds of birds, so try them all and find the best solution for your needs.

Bird Feeding

If you are feeding the birds, they are going to come back. If you are trying to get rid of them, stop feeding them. If you still want to feed them without having them intrude on your property, feed them away from your property. Set up a pole feeder somewhere away from your house. This will train them to go there for food and not provoke them to take control of your porch or yard.


Like we said before, sometimes a silhouette is enough to do the trick. Props help just as well. Visual scares are almost a staple in bird proofing for most invasive species. Try out different props, shiny rods, mirrors, and repellents to help deter birds from coming to your property. Aesthetically insulting props will deter pesky birds from your property.

Seek Them Out

It isn't a big surprise that many people are actually afraid of birds, with good reason. Their claws and beaks can be damaging to property and people/pets. Don't wait till the breeding season is over; rid yourself of these pests when the problems are at their worst. You only have to call a wildlife remover to help solve the problem at hand.

Explore Your Options

Make sure you are exploring all of your options and all methods available to you for bird proofing your property. Not all methods are equal in effect, and some just won't work on specific species. So combining methods and exploring your options is the only way to ensure your property be bird proofed.

Read The Tips

If you want a chance against these bird intruders, then make sure you take the practical tips on the matter seriously. We offer efficient tips based on actual cases of bird invasions. We will also recommend the product and other solutions to ridding yourself of your bird problem.

It doesn't matter the time of year; droppings, pelting, and pecking can cause damage to your property and person. Check out your guide to getting rid of these problems here. We offer tips to get rid of the pesky birds on your property; keep reading to learn more!

Written by James Laverne

April 16th 2021

Avatar author James Laverne

Hi, I'm James! With over 25 years of anti-pest experience, I am writing this blog to help you birdproof your home. Get in touch if you have any questions. Happy reading!


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